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Nasario Remembers the Rio Puerco
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Lea Theater and Lea County Town Hall

214 S Love Street, Lovington NM

The story of Nasario remembers the Río Puerco begins with acante jondo, a song that Nasario García hears in Andalucía, Spain in the 1960s that triggers memories of his childhood in a small village in New Mexico. This moment inspires his life’s work, which has now spanned four decades, as an acclaimed folklorist and oral historian chronicling the life and stories of this isolated valley in the American Southwest.  Nestled among mesas and extinct volcanoes,southeast of Chaco Canyon, and adjoining Navajo and Pueblo communities, the Hispanic villages of this valley bloomed in isolation from the 1900s to 1950s. Their origins, language and culture reflected the intersection of influences from Spain, Mexico and Native communities that are part of New Mexico’s past and present. In the documentary, Nasarío remembers the Río Puerco, Dr. García lets the landscape speak through him in story,silence and song as he wanders through the now ghost towns of his youth.