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Jason Parrott Solo Digital Art Show
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Jason Parrott
At an early age of 3 years old, Jason, a Hobbs native, was enthralled with art, mainly drawing lawnmowers of all things. Through elementary he continued to doodle and even started creating comics with a school friend, and in middle school and throughout high school, his passion for art started growing stronger and stronger. More and more he practiced illustrating new characters and the seed was planted that he would make something of himself one day in the world of art, but life had other plans for Jason.
Twenty plus years later, Jason would embark on the biggest change of his life, finding the life spark of illustrating again. Day and night he would sit and draw until one day the love of his life and wife, Mandy, got him an iPad and his art catapulted to new heights. Now Jason attends conventions selling his artwork and has met and given art to comic book and movie celebrities. His dreams came true when he was offered a gig working for Upperdeck on the 20th Century Fox property, Aliens, as well as Marvel by illustrating one of a kind sketch cards. Now join Jason on his discovery and adventure through the universe of art!

Lea County Commission for the Arts